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—Muriel Rukeyser

Berge'rs Book Reviews: Dennis Palumbo's Night Terrors is ... " Satisfying and Enjoyalbe Read"

Daniel Rinaldi has settled back into his psychotherapy practice after his last case with the Pittsburgh police department (Fever Dream). So he’s surprised when the FBI suddenly pulls him into a new case, this time involving a serial killer.

After a serial killer of prostitutes is killed in prison, those who had been directly associated with his arrest and murder are now being targeted by someone who calls himself “Your Biggest Fan.” But even though those suspected to be on his hit list are being held in protective custody by the FBI, someone seems to have immediate access to their wherabouts. A retired FBI profiling agent, Lyle Barnes, is high on the hit list, and Rinaldi is asked to help him deal with his night terrors. But Barnes isn’t interested in FBI protection, and quickly escapes.

Meanwhile, Rinaldi is also involved in another case involving the killing and brutal dismemberment of a businessman. A young man comes forth and confesses to the crime, but his mother insists he’s innocent. Something about the case bothers Rinaldi. Is it possible this murder is somehow linked to the serial killer?

Night Terrors is a fast-paced thriller with great action and drama, pulling the reader in from the first page. As I’ve gotten to know Daniel Rinaldi, I like him more and more. Great characters, a well-constructed mystery, and a little romance make this a really satisfying and enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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