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Marjorie's review: The Arousal Plan

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The Arousal Plan is a daily 10-week program to help you optimize your Arousal and achieve your goals. Created by Sarah White, The Naked Therapist, and based on her session experiences with over 1,000 clients, the Arousal Plan consists of 70 daily inspirations, exercises, and assignments, each around a different theme. In the first week, Sarah shows that Arousal is not only rooted in our sexual energies, but that it has its basis in the Three A’s: physical Activity, mental Alertness, and emotional Availability. To optimize your Arousal, you must optimize the Three A’s.


The Arousal Plan by Sarah White is a very good self-improvement program. It is hard work but it does work if you stick to it. It is a ten week program to help you achieve your life goals. There are 8 Pillars that the plan operates under, they are: Food, Exercise, Clothing, Living Space, Sex & Love, Work & Money, Culture and power Project. Sarah White shares with the reader, "Arousal is about having a balanced baseline of excitement and motivation that influences you positively in all areas of your life." I recommend this book to everyone who are interested in making their lives better. I look for more from Sarah White.

 Find out more about Sarah and the Arousal Plan at www.SarahWhiteLife.com and www.ArousalPlan.com.

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