"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Marisa Ignacio Hormel and Melinda Lerner's Bodies on Raw

"Bodies on Raw is an adventure in empowerment through food!" - Lois Barber Co-creator and Executive Director of EarthAction, Founder of 20/20 Vision

"Bodies on Raw is a celebration of the healing that can happen when people make healthy food choices. But more than that, it's a celebration of beauty and a celebration of life itself." - John Robbins, Author of Diet For A New America, Co-founder of The Food Revolution Network.

"Marisa Ignacio Hormel and Melinda Lerner's Bodies on Raw is the creative and magical fusion of food, art, and health. This book is a beautiful inspiration to those wanting to explore plant-based food as a gateway to mind-body health and vitality." - Allen "Buddy" Green, M.D. Founder and Medical Director of The Center for Optimum Health.

"Marisa Ignacio Hormel and Melinda Lerner's Bodies on Raw clearly demonstrates that our strength comes from our fuel, whether that is food or thought." - Greg Cope White Food Network Host, Food Writer of Eat Greg Eat, and Author of The Pink Marine.

"Marisa Ignacio Hormel & Melinda Lerner's Bodies On Raw encourages, guides, and stands by our side as we examine steps that we can take to help create a more sustainable, regenerative, just food system, healthy body, and healthy planet." - Dr. Brent Blackwelder, President Emeritus of Friends of the Earth.

Bodies on Raw is an inspiring compilation of testimonials from pioneering individuals who with the help of raw food, vegan, or plant-based choices have either survived cancer or conquered high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, an enlarged prostate, as well as acne, constipation, migraines, and allergies. Their words take you on a journey through the scientific realities of the power of food to discover simple tips which guide you gently towards healing, health, and fitness. This unique book is born from Marisa Ignacio Hormel's passion captured by Melinda Lerner's prowess. Witness the results.

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