"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Nicole Conn's New Film More Beautiful Coming Soon

writer/director Nicole Conn
More Beautiful is thematically characterized by the Japanese term Kintsukuroi – which means More Beautiful for Having Been Broken –This title is perfect for what has become an exquisite mainstream family drama.


Cale Ferrin whose extraordinary breakout performance in this film will touch everyone’s heart.

eblast.Cale.toastin4 3
 Cale Ferrin 
eblast.CaleNKayla7 4
with and Kayla Radomski

Cale's portrayal of “Freddie” is not only brave and raw but will really help people to understand what a child with Special Needs goes through on a daily basis. And congrats to Cale who is currently working on a Hulu series in Toronto.

eblast.CalenZoe3 4
Cale Ferrin and Zoe Ventoura

eblast.zoe.10.use 7
Zoe Ventoura
Kayla Radomski and Cale Ferrin


The entire cast is stellar – headed up by Zoe Ventoura and Kayla Radomski - both of their journeys’ are relatable on so many levels.           
And the supporting cast is pretty darn remarkable for a film this size: Bruce Davidson, French Stewart, Brooke Elliott, Harley Jane Kozak, Gaby Christian, Kay Lenz and my daughter Gabrielle Baba-Conn.

eblast.group to USE
It's a wrap!!!
eblast.French.Cale.Bruce9 2
French Stewart, Cale Ferrin, Bruce Davidson    
Harley Jane Kozak and Gaby Christian

Brooke Elliott, Cale Ferrin and Gaby Christian


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