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AEI Breakin' News

"Hittin' The Bricks" Executive Producer Richard Warren Rappaport just released his new single, "Sail Into The Sun." Debuting in September, the song has reached #20 nationally on the FMQB Adult Contemporary (AC) chart. Rappaport is signed to A Top New York Label, and wrote and performed the song.."Sail Into The Sun" is available on iTunes and all other major digital distribution sites.

An AC Pick (Review) from FMQB for Nov. 13, 2008

Richard Warren Rappaport Sail Into The Sun (A Top New York Label)

Singer, songwriter Richard Warren Rappaport's debut foray at the format has seen radio welcome him with open arms. And why not. Sail Into The Sun is custom made for Mainstream AC Radio. A well crafted melody and subtle rhythms surround Rappaport's smooth vocal delivery, reminiscent of Al Jarreau. And this is just the tip of the musical iceberg for RWR.

The FMQB Chart as of Nov. 13, 2008 The song can be heard by clicking on the banner for Rappaport, below.

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