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—Muriel Rukeyser

Greek rights to Dracula: The Un-Dead

Greek rights to Dacre Stoker & Ian Holt’s Dracula: The Un-Dead, sequel to Dracula authorized by the Bram Stoker family to Harlenic Hellas S.A. by Baror International for Atchity Entertainment International.

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Unknown said...

Happy belated Thanks Giving, Ken!

I would really like to keep informed with the publication of this book but it is not listed on Dutton/Penguin/Harper Collins web site's nor is either of the authors Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt.

What do I need to do to get on a mailing list? Is there a web site specifically for this book? Also, will there be any book signings done? Will tours be made public? I ask because this is the only way I am able to acquire any signed books to add to my collection as Oklahoma never seems to attract many authors. I can only assume that is because they are all under the delusion that we still have Cowboys and Indians riding on horseback shooting arrows and guns at each other....sigh......

THANK YOU for your time, seriously.

Warmest Regards,
Bill & Pamela