"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Post Election Inner Reflection From Awakened Heart


CHANGE IS HERE ALREADY---much more to come.

This week the Presidential election result is proof to the world as well as to our own nation, that BIG changes are already happening. The 'glow' is rippling out like a a first blush of love and a honeymoon phase of a new relationship. It fosters hope, and possibility regardless of who we voted for in this election.

Everyone is playing their part for this next four years until 2012. Get ready!

For many years there has been a powerful and subtle movement of energy, uplifting consciousness, and bringing more awareness into view.

As it has been stated by many people, in the active direction of transformation and positive
change, emotions are simply 'energy in motion'. It is our energy-shifting, it is our global awareness, and consciousness rising.

It the world's heart opening, and it is life transforming, because of this change, this shift, emotions are more on the move as well.

For nearly 30 years, being involved with the origin of this releasing method and technique of letting go, I have been a part of this conscious movement as well.

We can fight and resist change, (the old way) which causes us suffering, or we can more consciously act, (the new way) and ready ourselves for this evolving world we live in. We can look through the glass of fear, or we can see this as an exciting time to be apart of history and humanity.

Fear and excitement have the same 'feel' have you noticed? Were you upset by the results and just don't seem to be able to reconcile it yet?


Regardless of WHO is in The Whitehouse, there will be CHANGE.


Because of critical mass, and because it is time for more awakening on this planet and 'you're it'.

This shift in consciousness is already in motion, and we each have a choice. Hold onto the old, or let go into the new. The new, within us.

For me, the choice has been clear for over 28 years.

What is your choice? There are several. I have one, powerful choice. You take back YOUR power.

Has your road been bumpy? Have you struggled so Hard trying to make your world come out the way you want it, and it is just not cooperating? OR are you open to relaxing into this NOW, as it is?

Read my 2 NEW POSTS on www.Awakenedheartblog.com for some tips when life falls apart.

Posted on November 6th.

Did you know that the day after Obama was elected, that it was the first day of the New Mayan Calendar?

Auspicious? Perhaps.

Are you flexible, or tight, able to see new ways of proceeding, or tunnel-vision? Are you finally
opening to new ways, regardless of the mind's old lingering opinions or attitudes--that haven't worked for you so far?

Are you ready to break free and break through that comfort zone? It is only held in place by our

If we don't break free, it is stressful, isn't it?

This can help and give you tools for the rest of your life. http://myecourseplusbonushww.smmsite.com Tear away the cover page by opting in and seize the gifts there for you.

Can you learn to let go for more grace, ease in any life transition, or situation, and joy of seeing and 'being more a part of the solution' of change for the whole world? This is what is being asked now of each individual...ready or not. Those that say 'no' will hurt more, for that is simply the way of physics of energy.

If energy is stuck, it hurts. This helps you not only let go of the stuck, but of what hurts. Truly, it is having tools to MOVE our energy, align it within us, and let it flow.

When something wants to move, we need to get in the flow or get out of the way. HOW?

Moving energy, and letting go of stress, of being stuck, Of old fear, and of an old way of thinking because the Energy is not flowing. Our thinking and our mind is Old, our flowing opens us up to being new, fresh, and Vibrantly alive.

Open the door for yourself, for the stress-factor is a key!

Open your energy matrix at this portal. This is 'energetic medicine' for you and your life. This is how you UNSTICK and flow.

As a holistic practitioner for over 26 years, and an energetic healer in many modalities, a Reiki master, and more, along with releasing and letting go training over the years, I have seen both: flowing with change, and fighting change. I have done it myself when I am foolish.

You tell me which one yields happiness, contentment, less stress, growth, and well being. Part of why I love energetic work is that it does smooth the transition within the human body as people go through rough times. Our emotional life is usually where we get hung up: our feelings. This is our 'old habit' of' holding on' to the past.

This truly IS a new world, is a new unconscious agreement field for dynamic change, but where is
that change?

Within us, sitting in that chair. This is the new direction of our world, your world, THE world, our coauthored and co-created world.

That is the world we live in now and have for a while.

Cooperation, collaboration, co-creation, and with both dependence, and inter-dependence-with each other, with nations, and with leadership. What stops this?

Our emotions, our reactions, and our out of balance energetic flow. It is simple. Have you read the books, seen the popular DVD's, listened to the tapes, done the affirmations, and sat in front of the mentors and 'gurus'? Well your own ability to flow your energy is beyond any of that unless we are still clinging to the 'old game' of thinking and feeling-and just plain stuck.

Now we need the tools to help us shift for the good of ourselves, our life, our new consciousness opening like a lotus blossom.

Our new Home Study Course is designed to give you these practical tools. It is relief from stress of emotional holding and letting go into more of your inherent happiness regardless of how things change.

When you are clearer, you are more able to be part of the true, positive change, beginning with

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for elegantly moving into this new paradigm, shift, and life of more awareness.

Step into what is happening, from a place of flowing your own energy from within. This is the ultimate 'how to' of keeping the flow moving rather than being stuck. It gives you ways to directly let go of the fear, and it gives you the remedies and practical solutions to emotional upset
...so YOU can simply let it go.

Take advantage of this opportunity, for the flow is already moving and the change is and has already occurred. We simply need to catch up to what is already happening around the world. The lines of separation are weakening, and we are that healing of the planet.

So aptly put by Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see."

These are the practical steps, the powerful keys and The very manual no one gave us when we were born or went to school No one taught us this in school, and now it is here for you so you can move your energy to a higher vibration, align within yourself, and have the tools at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Claim the life you feel in your heart, see in your vision and that you deserve to live. Lift yourself into the vibration of love, harmony, ease, inner peace, and courage.

May you be blessed to be free, awake, and happy in this life,

Jeannie Fitzsimmons

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