"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Email from David Angsten:

...When I was planning my research trip for Night of the Furies, Leon had one recommendation: Harry's Greek Travel Guide. This is not a guidebook, but a massive website run by a Greek-American (or American-Greek) named Harry Grant. Harry rivals the ancient geographer Pausanias in the depth and breadth of his knowledge of Greece. The site is almost overwhelming. But it's very well designed and absolutely invaluable. If you're planning a trip to Greece, I strongly recommend you take a trip through Harry's website first.

--and Harry gave me a GREAT little write-up on his main page--scroll down, check it out!

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HOOKED BY PAGE 2, November 13, 2008
By D. Neal

I pretty much skipped or slept through my Greek history & mythology classes - but because I loved David Angsten's first novel, Dark Gold (pot-smoking brothers, babes, Mexico, sunken ships, treasure maps, monsters), I thought I'd give this one a shot. By page two, I was hooked. David Angsten's books are like mini-vacations for us arm-chair adventurers. With NIGHT OF THE FURIES, he gives us another smartly written, "guilty-pleasure." This time, those same brothers, and a sexy archeologist, are in search of an entirely different "treasure": a metaphysical experience, called the Elusinian Mysteries (your basic drug-induced, pagan divine revelation), sought by Plato, Socrates, Augustus, etc. - and now our heroes. Of course, true to their natures, the brothers find themselves in a whole lot of big, bad trouble: secret-ritual organic drugs, orgies on a yacht, a dead body, and one terrifying night of fleeing flesh-tearing women, unleashed when the brothers discover their ancient ritual. With his terse, engaging prose, David Angsten deftly takes us on this scary-as-hell, tightly-woven, wild ride of a tale, that blows Greek history and mythology right into the 21st century. Girls Gone Wild? No... just your basic Greek history come to life.

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