"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


The Age of the CymaScope

From the beginning of recorded history and philosophy, men have believed that the power of creation is directly linked to the power of sound, the power of the Word, the power of Om.

The CymaScope, invented by John Reid, is the only instrument of its kind in the world that can make sound visible. Before the invention of the telescope we knew very little about the Universe. Before the age of the microscope we had not even guessed at the existence of a microscopic world. We are now entering the age of the CymaScope, in which the once invisible realm of sound has been made visible.

Our visual acuity is such that we understand far more about the world and the Universe by our sight than by our other senses. The CymaScope makes visible the sound and vibrations that underpin all of creation, allowing us to study Nature in ways previously unimagined.

One application that is currently being explored for this wonderful new tool concerns our desire to open a dialogue with dolphins. Science fiction? Wait for John’s Grammar of Dolphin!

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