"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

1st of 5 installments, from How to Escape Lifetime Security and Pursue Your Impossible Dream

If You're Going to Invest in Yourself You’ll Have to Steal Time for Your Dreams

Follow your dream, and, by definition, you can't fail. Success lies in the following. If you have a dream, you have the responsibility to yourself and to the source of dreams to make it come true. That means finding time to "do what you have to do"--the very opposite of "marking time." Our minds experience life on a timeline of their own invention, a continuum that stretches from our first moment of consciousness to our last. "The end of the world," said Bernard Malamud, “will occur when I die. After that, it's everyone for himself.”

And finding time in our accelerated world where we hear of "flextime," "time-elasticity," the sweet spot in time," virtual time,” “time shifting,” and "time slowing down” is more confusing than ever before. A little over a century ago, if you missed a stagecoach you thought nothing of waiting a day or two for the next one to come along. Today you feel frustrated if you miss one section of a revolving door! So many of today's "time-saving devices" prove to be frauds---requiring more time to select, install, maintain, and update than it used to take without them. It's hard to believe that a few short years ago we had not yet become addicted to FAX machines, microwaves, VCRs, earphones, cell phones, answering machines, voicemail--and more recently the time-killer of them all, email! All these inventions, as helpful as they can be to the Accountant's output level, suck up our time in ways that, unless they are examined and acknowledged, become quite destructive to the realization of the writer’s dream.
Things have gotten so bad that we can't really manage time any more. We’re now forced to steal it.

Doing the wrong things, no matter how fast, or how well, you do them, or how many of them you do, will not advance your dream. Don't confuse efforts with results.

Those who break out of busy work and into the success they’ve dreamed of have learned to redefine time. If you recognize that time is merely a concept, a social or intellectual construct, you can make the clock of life your clock; then determine what you do with it.

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