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Google Alert - goblins! an underearth adventure

Librarian Karen Yingling is a great advocate and supporter of Royce's work. She is an active blogger, and I have seen her commentary show up on a number of blog postings. The other link shows that Goblins! got a nice review in the Florida Library Youth Program E-Newsletter this month.

Google Blogs Alert for: Goblins! An Underearth Adventure

Ms. Yingling Reads: Happy New Year and Welcome Back !
By Ms. Yingling I refuse to burp the alphabet, mainly because I tried and failed. Yes, that's Darth Vader, saying "The force is strong with this one." The boook with which I subdue him is Royce Buckingham's Goblins! An Underearth Adventure. ...
Ms. Yingling Reads - http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com/

[PDF] FLYP Forward E-Newsletter 2008

Goblins! An UnderEarth Adventure. by Royce Buckingham (September 2008) Tweens. ISBN: 0399250026. Reviewed by Paula McCahon, Librarian II, ...
dlis.dos.state.fl.us/BLD/Youth_services/FLYPForward/2009-01-JanuaryFLYPForward.pdf -

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