"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Straight out of the bayou! From the pen of renowned Louisiana moviemakers Glen Pitre & Michelle Benoit and under the direction of acclaimed master of the stage Perry Martin, a world premiere play…


In a hilarious love letter to the naughty comedy of burlesque, during the Roaring ‘20s, when a down on his luck impresario sees his paddlewheel showboat run aground in a forgotten Louisiana bayou, he uses the interlude to rebuild his vaudeville troupe. With his pockets empty, all he can offer is love, as he simultaneously romances the local piano teacher, a Cajun farmer’s daughter, and his own high-strung, ready-to-quit diva of a headliner. Whose heart will he win? More to the point, which woman will murder him first?

FLOATING PALACE by Glen Pitre & Michelle Benoit

Directed by Perry Martin, Produced by Karissa Kary

World Premiere MAY 15 - JUN 14 at Bayou Playhouse

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This new, already-acclaimed regional theater --- dedicated to only Louisiana works --- sits hanging over the water in historic old Lockport, a picturesque one hour drive from downtown New Orleans, a little more than half an hour from Houma or Thibodaux. Across from the Bayou Lafourche Folklife Museum and cattycorner to the Center for Traditional Louisiana Boatbuilding, yes, it’s true, during intermission from the theater’s outdoor deck, you can often spot alligators swimming in the bayou. For directions, go to http://www.bayouplayhouse.com/id25.html

See photos at: http://picasaweb.google.com/karissakary/FloatingPalaceAtTheBayouPlayhouse?feat=email#


Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit will try to attend each performance the first two weekends, so if you can make it, please come say hello and chat with them. But make your reservations soon (www.bayouplayhouse.com )! Performances at the Bayou Playhouse often sell out.

May 15/09: Come and join us for a party hosted by the Bayou Lafourche Folklife and Heritage Museum! Our opening night parties include a chance to meet and greet the cast and crew. We hope to see you there!


The Bayou Playhouse is also showing some of the favorite films by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit each Sunday after the matinee performance of Floating Palace (separate admission: $5.) including some of the rarely seen, early Cajun language dramas (subtitles provided) as well as their most recent Gumbo Western starring Billy Zane, Oscar winner George Kennedy, and Emmy-winner Eric Braeden (Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless). See the complete list and schedule below.


May 15 - June 14, 2009, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30, Sunday Matinees at 2:30
Featuring the films after Sunday shows. For tickets or information

call 1-888-99-BAYOU (22968) ext 1

or visit: www.bayouplayhouse.com


All films by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit
All showings are at Sunday, 5 PM at the Bayou Playhouse

Program 1: Sunday, May 17th, 2009 - La Fievre Jaune & Huit Piastres et Demie! In Cajun French with English subtitles. Two movies both shot on Bayou Lafourche: La Fievre Jaune about a family battling quarantine during a yellow fever epidemic and Huit Piastres et Demie! about the Shrimp War of 1938. “Moviegoers were caught from the first scene... Scenes on the bayou are beautiful and dramatic.”- New Orleans Times-Picayune. Unrated but family safe.

Program 2: Sunday, May 24th, 2009 - Belizaire the Cajun. Award-winning romantic adventure set in 1859 Louisiana. Belizaire Breaux (played by Armand Assante, in what many say is his best performance) must save a friend's life, win a woman's heart, outfox a crooked sheriff, stop marauding vigilantes, expose an evil villain, and rescue the inheritance of three orphaned children in a picture that blends suspense and humor. Called "a wonderful movie, two thumbs up" by Siskel and Ebert and credited with “the looniest hanging scene ever” by the Hollywood Reporeter. Rated PG-13.

Program 3: Sunday, May 31st, 2009 - Haunted Waters & Good For What Ails You The award-winning Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands follows immigrants to the Louisiana wetlands to show how history and ecology transform each other. Good For What Ails You goes along with respected "treaters" as they gather wild teas, brew home-made cough syrup, invoke the saints at their home altars, and most of all, heal the sick. Unrated but family safe.

Program 4: Sunday, June 7th, 2009 - The Scoundrel's Wife Rated R. As young men leave to fight World War II, German P.O.W.s arrive to work in the Louisiana sugarcane fields. Night after night, explosions light up the sky as enemy U-boats just offshore torpedo American merchant ships. Against the real dangers and explosive paranoia of this besieged home front, a fisherman’s beautiful widow (Academy Award-winner Tatum O’Neal) somehow find love. Grand Prize Winner, San Diego Film Festival. Filmed in Lafourche Parish, including scenes in the building that is now the Bayou Playhouse! Rated R.

Program 5: Sunday, June 14th, 2009 - The Man Who Came Back Inspired by the Thibodaux Massacre, when thousands of former slaves went on strike against plantation owners, the film stars Emmy Award-winner Eric Braeden, Billy Zane (Titanic), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Armand Assante (American Gangster), Academy Award-winner George Kennedy, Carol Alt (for whom the word "supermodel" was first coined), and --- out of retirement --- former heavyweight champ and star of Mandingo, Ken Norton. Rated R”for disturbing violence, sex, nudity, language, and racial slurs in a historical setting.

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