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It ain't easy being Heidi Montag, says Heidi Montag

By Lauren Schumacher

The Hills' Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt discuss what it's like being reality TV stars, where their relationship is headed, and Heidi's mom.

From Brad and Angelina to J-Lo and Puff Daddy (remember?), people have always been fascinated by celebrity couples. In the case of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, you either love them or you hate them. The pair has been making headlines since they joined forces on The Hills by getting in some nasty catfights, making some YouTube-friendly music videos, and almost getting married (twice).

The Hills pair (well, mostly Heidi) talked to us about the future of their tumultuous relationship, life on reality TV, and the special romantic gesture(s) Heidi is looking for from Spencer--full length body tattoos, anyone?

TV.com: At the end of last season it seemed like everybody was on Spencer's side because he gave an amazing, romantic speech to Heidi about giving her the wedding of her dreams. Jump to this season, Heidi's mom hadn't really jumped on the bandwagon, despite the romantic gesture. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Spencer: Yeah, it's probably one of my main problems with Heidi's mom is she goes off of what she reads and she sees a little piece of me on TV and she doesn't go to the source and never asks Heidi how well I treat her 99.9 percent of the time, except for that .1 percent when I'm sleazy, which I'm not anymore. We're in couple's therapy now and I'm making some great progress.

TV.com: Well, that's great to hear. So, although last week it looked like you two were done, you're telling me that you aren't breaking up but you're working through your differences?

Heidi: Yes, we are definitely trying to work through it and figure out what we're going to do.

TV.com: Well, kind of going along those same lines, do you think there will be a Hills wedding at any point?

Heidi: I don't know. I would need a ring before that. And a big one, to make up for everything I've been through.

TV.com: Well, we would all love to see a Hills wedding.

Heidi: Thank you, that is so sweet. It's so nice to talk to someone who's nice. I'm so sick of meeting mean people, there's too many of them. It's like, ahhh.

TV.com: I can imagine. So, is it hard to have your relationship on TV and have the camera in your face all of the time? Because, we kind of only get to see one side of you, and I'm sure that they omit a lot of what goes on.

Heidi: Yeah, sometimes it is. Especially with this scene and people are just getting so crazy about the show, judging you one way or another. I'm really not about judging. It's not something I like to do to other people or have people do to me. So, I'm not too into that.

TV.com: It must be frustrating if they jump cut and make you seem like someone you're not.

Heidi: Yeah, people are just so critical. Like, it's just such a lose-lose situation with so many people. But you've just got to put it in the back of your mind and try to not let it affect you and move on in a positive way.

TV.com: Is there a side of you guys behind closed doors that we don't really get to see, because they don't show it?

Heidi: Yeah, I mean, it's not The Truman Show, and you only see a couple of minutes of our lives in a certain time period. So, you don't get to see us every day, and we're not always in our element. But our favorite nights are DVD nights and pizza nights but I don't think people really want to watch that.

TV.com: It's not, "We go to the club every night and that's all we do."

Heidi: Yeah. I'm not so into the clubs anymore. Well, at least you hope you get over them fast. If you don't, then you might have a problem.

TV.com: Have you ever watched an episode and seen something you didn't want to see, something that Spencer didn't tell you about?

Heidi: That happened to me. I didn't know Spencer told the bartender to get on a table and she said "pour some sugar on me." I was so mad! I couldn't talk to him for a couple of days, it so infuriated me that he would be so sleazy behind my back like that.

TV.com: Right. And seeing it on TV for the first time makes it worse, I'm sure.

Heidi: That made it so much worse. If he would have just told me, and if I would've known that happened, it would've been easier. Like, "Look, I said this line, blah, blah, blah." But when that communication isn't happening, it just makes you madder, because you think someone's just trying to hide that from you.

TV.com: Of course. So, do you think that at any point there will ever be a spinoff series that would focus more on you and Spencer? Or would you even be interested in that kind of spinoff series?

Heidi: You know, eventually, one day, I'm sure. But we love The Hills and we're not trying to go anywhere right now, because that's our home.

TV.com: Do you think that your friendship with Lauren is on the mend?

Heidi: You know, Lauren and I are definitely in the best place we've been in a long time. I would call her a friend. We're not best friends, or anything like that, but we definitely get along a lot better than we have.

TV.com: That's good to hear.

Heidi: I just want it to be positive. I just want all good stuff and to be the best person I can be. That's all we have in life, you know.

TV.com: And it seems like you're in a good place with Spencer.

Heidi: I mean, we'll see. He has a lot of making up to do and good behavior to start.

TV.com: Can you let us know anything he's done to try and make it up to you?

Heidi: I mean--he hasn't really done anything to make it up to me yet, that's what I'm waiting for.

TV.com: I think you need to hold out for some dinner and flowers, or something.

Heidi: Oh, you're telling me. I want an island named after me.

TV.com: Don't settle for anything less.

Heidi: No way. [Having] "I Love Heidi Montag" tattooed from head to toe, no slutty bartenders here.

TV.com: That would be some good television.

Heidi: That's what I'll make him do.

TV.com: Thanks for your time.

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