"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Though my first official trip to the Cannes Film Festival was filled with business highlights--meeting the folks at Industry-Works and sealing our two-film deal that begins shooting this summer, attending the PGA beach party and meeting Stu Levy on the International Committee, attending the Louisiana Party and catching up with Chris Stelly of the Governor's Office of Film & Television and discussing the progress of Shreveport Studios, saying hello to Ehud Bleiberg and receiving my personal copy of his brilliant film "Adam Resurrected," meeting director Renny Harlin (thanks to an intro by Shreveport Mayor's Office Arlena Acree) and discussing potential projects, running into Emma Korvin who was interning at the Hollywood Reporter, running into AEI client Adria Lang, meeting actress Portia Lipton and her protégé Carol Lee, meeting the Bavarian Film Commissioner Anja Metzger re "Dracula: The Un-Dead," meeting Roy Tijioe and Ricardo Galindez of the Island Film Group to discuss "Surf Lessons," meeting Sam Blan of Stoplight Pictures, meeting Jan Susta of Czech Republic's Barrandov Studios, meeting Ondamax's Eric Mathis re "Hittin' the Bricks," meeting Mark Lester of American World Pictures, visiting Ami and Marcy Artzi and their lovely daughter re "Dracula," meeting Carola Ash via Judy Cairo of Future Films on their yacht re "Dracula"--there was still time for sidewalk cafes and a little enjoyment, including seeing the premiere of Pedro Almodovar's "Broken Embraces"--an outstanding film I highly recommend as one of his best yet.

Close encounters included Monica Bellucci, Jim Carrey, and Brad & Angelina.

Croissants and café consistently good, along with pommes-frites and wi fi availability. High point of culinary experience was the Italian restaurant, Il Viaggio, where we were hosted by Evan Tylor of Industry-Works. More pix to follow.

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