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—Muriel Rukeyser

Guest Post: How Turning Off Your Cell Phone For One Week Can Change Your Life


Ring! Ring! Ring! We’ve all heard it far too many times. Cell phones. It seems some would have to surgically get theirs removed from their ears in order to live without them. They take them to work, home, to dinners, even to the bathroom. God forbid they miss a call. Irritating, and someone would say mildly entertaining, to watch. But what if we were that type of person?

Yes, messages, calls, meetings and even alarms are a few things that we manage through our cell phone. There are some moments when we feel that without cell phones our lives would have been handicapped, but is it really so?

Are you someone who goes to sleep with your Blackberry tucked under the pillow? You know you have a problem but you just can’t help yourself? Well, consider this. We wonder sometimes what our lives would be like without them. But consider this, ten, twenty years ago people didn’t have cell phones and yet they lived life just fine.

Sometimes our fear is that we’ll miss an important call, or that some emergency will happen. I had a friend that always worried about that but he knew he had a problem. He was missing out in life and it was irritating his friends and family. So, he gave himself a challenge to spend one week without a cell phone. Yes, he left it at home. He knew most phone calls could wait until he got home to return them and if his family was to call him with an emergency what could he do anyway? They lived thousands of miles away.

Do you know what happened? One week turned into two weeks. Two weeks turned into three weeks and today, he doesn’t even use one. Yes, life does go on. See what a difference it makes in your life.

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