"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Crime Writers Caught Recommending Crime Reviews Dennis Palumbo's Mirror Image

Today's holiday gift recommendation comes from C.J. West and his beautiful Wheaten Terrier, Bella. Besides being the author of The End of Marking Time, C.J. hosts a blog talk radio show where you'll find interviews with a number of the authors featured on Jen's Book Thoughts. And C.J. is recommending one of those authors for your holiday list today: Dennis Palumbo and his new Daniel Rinaldi mystery, MIRROR IMAGE.
According to C.J.:
"I was intrigued by Dennis Palumbo at Bouchercon By the Bay. He's a psychologist for writers with some fascinating advice and insight into what our creative struggles mean for us and for our work. His latest mystery, Mirror Image, had me so captivated by page four that I knew I needed to have him on my show."

I'm glad to have C.J.'s recommendation as Dennis Palumbo is a new author to me. At least sort of. I enjoyed a television show Dennis use to write for - "Welcome Back Kotter." Ew! Ew! Ew!

So, I guess it is my turn to recommend again. Never fear, though, I WON'T run out of recommendations. Today I'm going to dig back a little bit and recommend one of my favorite forensic science mystery writers. Thomas Holland published two books with his protagonist Kel McKelvy. Personally, I'm heartbroken that there haven't been anymore books in this series to date. The first book is called ONE DROP OF BLOOD and it was followed up by KIA. Both deal with forensic science in the military. They are powerful books with a perfect balance of humor. Neither is a story you will easily forget. Even though there hasn't been another book published since KIA in 2008, it's still one of my most recommended series. For your CSI/BONES/NCIS fans, this is a GREAT series.


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