Write Your Book Already! - December 15, 2010 – 5pm PST

Hot Topic Call with special guest – Dr. Kenneth Atchity

Write Your Book Already! If you want to be considered an expert in your field; if you want to establish credibility with your community and colleagues; if you want to compete in today’s competitive marketplace, you will need a book. But if you’re not a writer, and you don’t have lots of time, this is no easy task. So how do you do it? We are so lucky to have Dr. Kenneth Atchity share with us how important it is to write a book and how to finally actually get to the business of doing it. So, please join me and Ken as we talk about the business of getting your book written!

Ken will be consulting on topics, including:

* Why you MUST write a book.

* What’s standing in the way of you writing your book?

* How to Find the Time to write your book

* What if you’re NOT a Writer?

* Connecting Your Book with Your Platform

* Do you need an agent?

About Dr. Kenneth Atchity

Dr. Kenneth Atchity – Dr. Ken Atchity, former professor of comparative literature at Occidental College, Yale Ph.D., turned to the commercial world of storytelling over 20 years ago and has since assisted in publishing hundreds of books, including current New York Times bestseller THE KENNEDY DETAIL (also a Discovery Special that aired November 22), and dozens of movies (he personally has produced 30 films, including currently “Lost Valentine” with Betty White and “Hysteria” with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy. His favorite thing is helping writers achieve their dreams and what’s extraordinary about Ken is that even during a volatile economy, he’s found a way of turning that passion into a viable business model through his company, Story Merchant (www.storymerchant.com).

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