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—Muriel Rukeyser

Kudos For The Kennedy Detail

Mitchell Ivers, Simon and Schuster

Congratulations to all of you. The documentary was flawlessly done. It represented the men, the Kennedys and the Secret Service in the best possible light and told your stories with dignity and humanity. Most important, it
provides for the historical record a tangible, human argument against the conspiracy theories.

I hope you are all very proud. I know I am.

Bill Richardson

The show was super, and gave a tremendous insight into the lives of the agents, their feelings about the Kennedy family, their job, home life, etc. Also seemed they haden't taken the time to talk about the assassination before this event. It was also a tear jerker, and very moving.
Also saw Jerry Behn about 20 times - which was neat.
I couldn't help thinking that each member of the detail must think about the assassination every day of their lives. Not easy.

Anne Hake Westphal

"agreed! I thought it might be full of hype and I was riveted to the TV.Glad I DVR'ed it! Congrats on a fascinating documentary...."

Martha Aguillard

"Ken We watched your show ad it was great. Hope you have good reviews. Let us know."

Freda M. Chaney

"I will have to watch it again and again and again. It's THAT good!"

"Quite possibly THE best documentary I've ever seen! I am deeply moved by the emotional interviews and rare family photos and film footage of the Kennedy family and the Secret Service. I feel that finally my own mind can come to rest about the Kennedy assassination. Bravo Ken Atchity, Lisa McCubbin, et al."

Trish Anderson

"Watching Kennedy Detail now--riveting. Watching those Secret Service agents,
those strong men, choke back their emotion and tears, even after 47 yrs., as they recall the events is profoundly moving. Their fortitude to continue at their duties days later despite the rawness of their emotions, no sleep, through the state funeral ... these are the real iron men. The colorization of the B&W film breathes new life into that archive photography. Am awesome achievement, Ken. Congratulations!"

Larry D. Thompson

"Outstanding documentary and a real historical event."

Mike Taffuri

I watched it last night as did several of my friends and family. Absolutely fantastic. So much information I was never aware of. Congratulations on a fantastic job and thanks again or allowing me to be part of the opening in DC. I had a great time.

Thomas DeCoursey

"Fantastic!! I truly enjoyed every minute of the program. Congratulations for a job well done."

Gary Meller

"Excellent. A great story, well told. Beautiful photography and cinematography. Congratulations.

Robert Pope

Without contrivance ... OMG ... Watching as your doc comes to an end. For me who
vividly remembers the day and time, many tears ... This is so well done from a much needed perspective.


Anita Diggs

Great documentary!

Penny Terk

Absolutely wonderful documentary. Couldn't help but cry most of the way through it. Those events are burned into our minds as if it all happened yesterday.

Dossie Shea

OMG!!!! The Kennedy Detail was awesome, Chi-li. WoW! Made you feel like you were reliving it. We all loved it! Great job, as always.

Lisa – fivestarscripts.com

It was amazing. I cried for two hours and learned more about their story from your documentary than all the movies I've seen put together.

I loved the b&w images coming to life in color. It was like a 3D effect or like watching the finishing touches being put on a famous painting.

I absolutely adored the story from the perspective of his men. God, that was heart breaking -- like it happened yesterday for them.

And the film footage throughout was so unbelievably vibrant. Plus, the true uniqueness that the Kennedy's possessed as a unit and first family was really captured in the beginning. I really, really fell in love with them, just like the men on detail. Thank you for this.

I can't wait to watch it again with Pete (he's an ex-marine and fought in the gulf war. he's really into history).

Mardeen Mtichell

The special on Discovery was great last night! Very touching, new inside information, great portraits of JFK and Jackie from a new perspective. Such emotion from these tough secret service men.

Larry Purcell

Got back in Dallas just in time to see THE KENNEDY DETAIL last night.

Great job. Real pathos. No way to really control the outcome and no resolution ever. Worst of all positions to be in, but DETAIL promoted healing.

Marcia Wieder

The show was profound. Emotional, compelling and very engaging!

I'm so happy for you. Pop the champagne.

Tony Scatuccio

Hi I’m the guy who sat next to you on the flight to LA reading your book Kennedy’s Detail.

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the book & it will be a Christmas gift from me to a few friends who also have interest in the Kennedy story.

Stephan Dorlandt

Thanks for the head's-up about your show. I thought it was top notch quality and very interesting. It kind of built up to its climax. Having Martin Sheen narrate was awesome, but the guys were so forthcoming, you didn't really need much of a narrator. Congratulations; you scored.

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