"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Royal Dragonfly Awards Launched to Give Wings- Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2011

Only 4 days left to enter!



Contact: Linda Radke, Five Star Publications, Inc.

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Royal Dragonfly Awards Launched to Give Wings
to Extraordinary Books, Regardless of Print Date

CHANDLER, AZ – While a book contest is nothing new, it is extremely rare to come across one like the recently launched Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, which does not restrict the publication date of entries as long they are still in print. Sponsored by Five Star Publications, a multi award-winning company with close to 25 years of publishing expertise, the Royal Dragonfly Awards were created to honor published authors of all types of literature – fiction and nonfiction – in 50 categories, appealing to a wide range of ages and comprehensive list of genres.

" Five Star realizes the avalanche of books released each year causes many wonderful reads to get overlooked," says Linda Radke, Five Star Publications' president. "Therefore, we do not impose a limit on the year of publication for entries, which means winning a Royal Dragonfly Book Award can breathe new life into an author's book marketing strategies and give the publication renewed attention and appreciation by the book industry and readers alike. There are some very deserving books out there that haven't won awards only because they were published before the deadline, and we wanted to remedy that with our contest."

One grand-prize winner is selected from all first-place winners to receive $300, and all first-place winners of each category go into a drawing for a $100 prize. In addition, each first-place winner in each category receives a certificate commemorating their accomplishment, foil award seals to place on book covers and mention on Five Star Publications' websites. A publicity campaign announces all winners and first-place recipients are placed in the Five Star Dragonfly Book Awards virtual bookstore. In addition to the aforementioned, the grand prize winner receives one hour of marketing consultation from Five Star Publications and $100 worth of Five Star Publications' titles. Second-place titles are recognized.

The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards are part of the family of Five Star Dragonfly Book contests, which includes the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, a competition currently being judged that recognizes excellence in children's literature; the Chocolate Dragonfly Book Awards, which honors food-related publications; and the Green Dragonfly Book Awards, which salutes books that create awareness of the environment and eco-friendly living. To learn more about the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, visit www.royaldragonflybookawards.com.

For more details on any other Five Star Dragonfly contests, access www.FiveStarBookAwards.com. Five Star Publications can be reached at info@FiveStarPublications.com or by calling 480-940-8182.


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· Deadline & Early Bird Special

Submissions postmarked December 1, 2010 or earlier that meet all submission requirements are eligible for the Early Bird reward: a free e-copy of "The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing or "Promote Like a Pro: Small Budget, Big Show." Make your choice where indicated below. The final deadline for submissions is February 1, 2011; to be eligible, submissions must be postmarked February 1, 2011 or earlier. Submissions postmarked after that date will not be considered for an award, and books will not be returned; however, we will refund your entry fee.

· Categories

You may enter as many books as you like in each of the following categories. You may also enter single titles in multiple categories:
  1. Fiction: Novel
  2. Fiction: Collection of short stories
  3. Mystery
  4. Romance
  5. Historical Fiction
  6. History Nonfiction
  7. Biography, Autobiography/Memoir
  8. Fine Art, Photography
  9. Performing Arts, Music, Movies, TV
  10. Science Fiction & Fantasy
  11. Multicultural, Gay/Lesbian, Cultural Diversity
  12. Pets, Animals
  13. How-To
  14. Business & Finance
  15. Coffee Table & Gift Books
  16. Food-Related: Cookbooks, Food Travel, Food History, About Food
  17. Health, Diet, Nutrition
  18. Sports & Exercise
  19. Aging, Senior Living
  20. Education
  21. Environment
  22. Home & Garden
  23. Humor
  24. Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy
  25. Self Help, Inspirational
  26. Poetry
  27. Psychology
  28. Relationships
  29. Parenting
  30. Text Books
  31. Science & Technology
  32. Transportation
  33. Travel
  34. Military
  35. Children's Picture Books - 5 & Younger
  36. Children's Picture Books - 6 and older
  37. Children's Activity Books
  38. Children's Chapter Books
  39. Children's Poetry
  40. Young Adult Fiction
  41. Young Adult Nonfiction
  42. Newbie Award (first time author, nonfiction)
  43. Newbie Award (first time author, fiction)
  44. Women's Interests
  45. Writing/Publishing
  46. Westerns
  47. Other Nonfiction
  48. Best Cover Design
  49. Best Interior Design
  50. Best Photography/Illustrations

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