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City Book Review Gives Story Merchant Client Dennis Palumbo's Fever Dream Four Out Five Stars!


Fever Dream

Fever Dream

By Dennis Palumbo
Poisoned Pen Press, $24.95, 350 pages
ISBN 9781455114771
Fever Dream by Dennis Palumbo is the second book to feature Daniel Rinaldi, a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of traumatic stress. This time he’s called into support police action to resolve a bank hostage situation. Robbers have released one woman and Rinaldi must get as much information from her as possible before SWAT goes in.

Unfortunately, time is short and, in response to shots fired inside the bank, SWAT responds. Only the bank guard survives and he’s wounded by a sniper’s bullet.
The current DA is running for governor and wants Rinaldi to stay on the case to get as much information as possible from the traumatized witness. Except nothing runs smoothly and Rinaldi becomes a target for violent attack. Now it’s a race against time to capture the robbers. Then events escalate with an attempt on the DA’s life. Rinaldi is also saddened by a suicide at the clinic where he worked as an intern. When you put these strands together, there’s a very clever set of problems to solve. Although Rinaldi’s capacity to absorb punishment is less than realistic, this is a high-adrenaline action thriller with some clever deductive reasoning to show whodunnit. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by David Marshall

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