"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

TESTIMONIAL FROM STORY MERCHANT BOOK AUTHOR MILT LYLES Whose The Cruelest Lie and The Candle Seller just appeared as ebooks!

I just finished reading every word, every line, every chapter of THE CANDLE SELLER as an ebook. I am eternally grateful to the two of you. 

It, the presentation, organization, and imagination, of CANDLE SELLER as you two put it together is a thing of beauty. The success or failure of such an enterprise artistically or monitarily is tenuious at best, but no critic. sales list, or lack of success by the most modicum of standards can diminish the pride and total joyI experienced as I read CANDLE SELLER. 

Writing as you have so often said, Ken, is not about money or fame. Those two villains masquerade as admirable benefits, They are good for the ego and check book, but holding a book, in this case an ebook, in your hands and knowing it is as good and true as you can write and is being presented in a format that fully expresses those qualities is the essence of writing. It is the why, the wonder, and the wherefore. As I said, I am in debt to the talents and faith of the two of you. 

Milt Lyles

The Candle Seller, by Milton E. Lyles The Candle Seller
by Milton E. Lyles
purchase on Amazon.com

The Cruelest Lie, by Milton E. Lyles The Cruelest Lie
by Milton E. Lyles
purchase on Amazon.com

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