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Night Owl Reviews Story Merchant Books' Dragon Heart by Linda A. Malcor


Dragon Heart

Dragonlords of Dumnonia

This is a novel that took my breath and imagination away. Seldom do I enjoy a novel to the point I couldn't put it down for a moment. From the start there is a synergistic energy that keeps the storyline in place at all times. For once I wished I could ride a dragon! This story is intended for young adults, but I say it's for everyone. The characters were fresh and eager. The plot is an old one, but with many twists to keep the reader off their feet.

There is a scrap of a boy who dreams of riding a dragon, but he feels his dreams are far away, especially in the land of Drumnonia where there are dragons, riders, AND demons, gods, and elves. In the end, he becomes a dragon rider, and not just an ordinary rider either: he is the Dragonheart!

A dragonheart is a rider who is part dragon and part Drumnonian, and they are rare. They also do many spectacular things in their lifetimes, but this youngster, Shashtah, hasn't begun his journey to where the spectacular become normal. He picks as his first dragon an ancient who knows her time is up in five years. She is a dragon to teach Shashtah what he needs to learn as he has a mission too important to wait for him to learn all he needs to know prior to leaving.

This story takes the reader into the beginning moments of one young man's dreams and shows how incredible his rise to stardom is. There are many adventures and the author packs this story in so tight, it's a wonder if there is any more Shashtah can do in another novel. I'm very excited and hopeful that there is another novel with Shashtah coming soon.

Book Blurb for Dragon Heart

Life on Centuria used to make sense. Beings with special powers went to the School of Corin to learn how to control them. The more they learned, the more powerful they became. And the greatest Wizard of them all was the White Wolf.

THE WAR . . .
During their quests for knowledge, the Wizards accidentally opened a door to another dimension, where the Mirari lived. Beings of Light, the Mirari banished one of their rebels to Centuria where he became known as the Dark One. The Dark One took his anger out on the unprotected world, and the Wizards did not have the power to stop him. So the Mirari sent two of their own, the Winged Warrior Criton and the Elven King Farador to help. Their magic did not work properly on Centuria, though, and all they could do was keep the Dark One’s forces at bay.

An experiment begun by the Wizard Corin, the Bronze Dragons and the Dumnonians who care for them control a land rich in sand and so poor in everything else that not even the Dark One wants it. Caravans trade for supplies in the wealthy land of the Dragonslayers, Daethia, which supply the Dragons and Dumnonians with barely enough provisions to keep them alive.

A caravaneer, Shashtah wants to Bond with one of the Bronzes and help the Dragonriders of Dumnonia carry “Eternal Death to the Dark One!” When demons capture and torture Shashtah, his powers awaken at the wrong time and out of control. The Dragons suddenly find themselves with a very dangerous, untrained Prophet rather than what they had really bred for: a Dragonheart.

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