"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

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Supercop for the feds assembles a group of tough ex-cops to find a killer!

Updated for the screen by Michael A. Simpson (Crazy Heart), for Atchity Productions as Dunetown SOBs!

When someone starts murdering the leaders of the local Triad in Dunetown, Georgia supercop for the feds, Jake Kilmer, puts together the toughest bunch of ex-cops ever assembled to find the killer.

"Make no mistake, these guys are cool... They prefer action to talk, but when they talk it's tough, dirty, often funny and always realistic."-- Atlanta Journal Constitution

Federal Agent JAKE KILMER has been trying to bring down the Tagliana mob in Cincinnati for years, and just as he has them in his sights, they disappear, only to resurface in the last place on earth Kilmer wants to go – the once idyllic Dunetown, Georgia, where he’ll have to play nice with a tough squad of local maverick cops called the SOBs and face a personal past that refuses to stay buried.

“Fantastic, a sort of Georgia Godfather.” UPI

“Diehl’s writing packs a wallop, and his compassion runs deep.” Seattle Times

“The author has a knack of sketching brain-scrambled cops and a clean, unfettered skill at creating suspense and dialogue.” Los Angeles Times


JAKE KILMER hasn’t been home to Dunetown in twenty years. The place holds bad memories. Back in the day he had been a college football star. A shattered ankle took away both his dreams of a professional career and the woman he loved.

            Now, Jake is a special agent for the Feds, and it’s time to return to Dunetown.

            Things have changed. The Tagliana mob has taken over. The once sleepy town is now referred to as “Doomtown.” A racetrack dominates the city. There are Vegas-style hotels. There’s gambling, sex for sale, and drugs. Greed is in the air. And death.

But one by one, the mobsters are being murdered. Kilmer needs to solve the murders and save “Doomtown” from devouring itself.

            Many faces from Jake’s past remain. The County Sheriff STONEWALL TITAN still rules with an iron hand. And DOMINIQUE RAINES is still beautiful and restless, and, though married to the most important man in the town, still in love with Jake.

            There are new faces, too - a special task force of the roughest, rowdiest cops ever assembled. They’re known as the SOB’s (Special Operations Branch) and they are Jake’s to use if he can control them.

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