"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

More Story Merchant August Amazon eBook Deals!

FREE August 13 - August 17

Shoot It Again Sam by Michael Avallone, An Ed Noon Mystery!

“It was all so simple, really. My assignment. I had come to kill the President of the United States." Ed Noon, Private Eye

For an old movie buff like Ed Noon, escorting the corpse of his favorite movie star to the west coast for burial was a sentimental journey. But then the coffin lid opened, the corpse sat up, the lights went out and Noon was on a terror trip past the wildest nightmares of the Hollywood dream merchants. Ed Noon is kidnapped, brainwashed and sent to assassinate the President of the United States, in one of his most mind-bending and intense adventures.


FREE August 17 – August 21

She skis sightless, a monster at her heels!

A former downhill racer is trying to restart her life by learning how to ski again—without eyesight. A new audible-radar technology makes this miracle possible.

A fierce winter storm forces her to take refuge in a trapper’s cabin. She soon finds she’s trapped by more than the snow— there’s some kind of monstrous beast on the loose.


FREE August 20 - August 24!

Robin Johns Grant’s SUMMER'S WINTER

A young woman’s fascination with a Hollywood star affects her life in ways she never could have imagined. A passionate, well-wrought mystery by a Christian novelist to watch.


FREE August 23 - August 27

The Arousal Plan is a daily 10-week program to help you optimize your Arousal and achieve your goals. Created by Sarah White, The Naked Therapist, and based on her session experiences with over 1,000 clients, the Arousal Plan consists of 70 daily inspirations, exercises, and assignments, each around a different theme.


FREE August 27 - August 31!  

Nicolas Bazan's The Dark Madonna

An American neuroscientist becomes embroiled in an international mystery that explores the meaning of miracles.


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