"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Story Merchant Books September Amazon eBook Deals!

FREE September 9 - 5!

Dead Game by Michael Avallone

“With a scream, she cut loose. She didn’t know how to handle a gun except for the old fashioned idea that all you had to do was keep pulling the trigger and you were bound to hit something.” --Ed Noon, Private Eye

A redhead, a brunette, a missing undiscovered Poe diary, and a murdered third baseman in an exhibition ball game with the New York Giants are the weird ingredients for the mad behavior of Mr. Arongio, the antique dealer who will stop at nothing to acquire a rare find.
This one is studded with violence and bloody collisions. And two unforgettable heroines, Mimi Tango and Kitty Arongio, cats’ paws in the game of death.


FREE September 4 - 8! 

Marcia Wieder’s Life is But a Dream

Be in touch with your dreams and desires. A guide for tapping into a deeper peace and true happiness.


FREE September 7 - 11!

Scot D Hines' Heroines of Classical Greece Book series Medusa ‪

Scot Hines retells the legend of Medusa in a way that makes her feel like a contemporary millennial girl with very special problems.


FREE September 10 - September 14! 

George Fowler's My Cuba Libre

George Fowler's very personal story about his lifelong dedication to the cause of Cuban freedom and his efforts to remove the dictator Fidel Castro from power and bring democracy to his homeland.

FREE September 13 - 17! 
American Pyramid (Pathfinders Series Book 2) by Frank Mitchell

Geographical engineer Lieutenant Charles MacDonald from American Pathfinder returns as one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Pathfinder-Scouts


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