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A Bookaholic Swede Reviews Larry D. Thompson's White Witch

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I must say that White Witch is a truly interesting book that started off great with a flashback to Annie Palmer tyranny before the story turned its focus on the present time and the Maroons struggle with an American aluminum company that is after their land. For someone like with pretty little knowledge of the history of Jamaica was this book awesome to read. I love getting to know the history of the Maroons, how they fought both the Spaniards and the Englishmen for their freedom and won. Now they once again have to fight against a powerful enemy, a company after their land.

The beginning of the book really made it out to be more of a horror book than a thriller with a lot of strange things going on. I would have loved it to be more of a horror book than a thriller actually. Still, I found the plot to be interesting with murders being done with snake daggers, the same kind that is said that Annie Palmer, the White Witch, had used to kill with.

I also liked how ex-Navy SEAL Will Taylor and his team more and more realized that they are working for the wrong side and I liked this change and what it brought on as Will and Vertise Broderick, a journalist who is also a Maroon decides to hire an attorney to fight for their cause in the court. The question is will they be able to prove that the land is the Maroons?

White Witch is a book that gave me a lot in return. I got an interesting story and I also gained some insight into the history of Jamaica and the Maroons.

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