"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

NEW FROM STORY MERCHANT BOOKS Grow Your Cash Flow by Ana Weber

           Grow Your Cash Flow
By Ana Weber

LOS ANGELES, CA—Story Merchant Books releases its newest money-making manual, Grow Your Cash Flow, from author and speaker Ana Weber.

Grow Your Cash Flow provides essential and productive tools for enhancing leadership and take the driver seat in your life vehicle. Quote, “even a rock wants to feel important!”

·       Money has to Flow. Keeping it bottled up makes money your unwilling slave, not your friend and companion.
·       When Money Does Flow, it “Floats All Boats.” The whole economy revolves around money circulating from one person or business to another, to another.
·       Attitude is everything. Once you change your attitude toward money, doors of possibility will open to you. As a small girl working alongside my mom in the kiosk in Romania, or as a student living with other poor children and orphans in Kibbutz Mossad, I never could have imagined how abundant the world really was, once I opened myself up to that abundance. It’s been a great journey—and you can succeed, too.

Although money is not life, it is both a metaphor for life and a tool to organize your life. And like other tools in our lives, our relationship with money can help us or hurt us. Using the lessons I’ve learned in my own journey around money, this book gives you many ways to turn money into a positive force in your life—whether or not you currently have a little or a lot of it. Money flows in and out of our lives, and back in again. The Cash Flow represents the flow of life. How money flows through and around you becomes an integral part of your life—but one you can influence, or even control.

Ana Weber is a business "Rainmaker," writer, speaker, 360 Degree Lifestyle Leadership Expert, and Philanthropist, founder of The DOXA method and Grow Your Cash Flow. 

She has implemented “THE DOXA METHOD” for over 26 years in the corporate world throughout her management and leadership positions: CFO, CEO, VP of Sales for a wide range of industries such as medical, architectural (The Smithsonian Institute) automotive (Porsche Race Car Division), the apparel industry, and washers manufacturing for the trucking industry.

To request a review copy or inquire about an author interview, please email chris@storymerchant.com

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