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The Meg 2 Starts Filming Next Year

Professional prehistoric shark-puncher, Jason Statham reveals that the sequel to the aquatic monster movie is set to start filming next January.

It's been too long, but the production wheels are finally turning for The Meg 2, as star and professional prehistoric shark-puncher, Jason Statham, reveals that the sequel to the aquatic monster movie is set to start filming next January.

Steve Weintraub recently spoke with the only man capable of facing a Megalodon with his bare fists about his role in the new Guy Ritchie film, Wrath of Man, but also took the time to ask about Statham's other projects, including the anticipated sequel to The Meg (no? Is it just me? Fine). Not only does Statham confirm he's returning for the sequel, but he also praises Ben Wheatley, who has signed on to return the creature feature.

Wheatley is definitely an odd choice to direct The Meg sequel. Though he's done more action-focused movies like Free Fire, he hasn't really got his hands on a project of this scale before. Still, given the subtle, but still present environmental undertones of The Meg, and its grim and almost satirical tone, it's not impossible to see Wheatley's sensibilities work on megalodon-sized steroids. If you've seen his Sundance movie In the Earth, you know Wheatley is still more than capable of delivering trippy, weird, and scary environmental thrills, and Statham seems to be on board, so we can't help but follow him.

You've heard the man. There is a good chance that The Meg 2 turns out good, and judging by how fun the first Meg was, I can't wait to see someone like Wheatley inject his sensibilities into the project. Just make sure Statham punches another shark in the face and we're golden!

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