"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Filmmaker Lila French's Birdbath and Da Parish are on the Louisiana Film Channel!


The film adaptation of Leonard Melfi´s 1965 play

A young, unsuccessful poet meets a young girl while they are both working at an all night cafeteria in Manhattan. It is obvious that she does not want to return home to the Bronx where she lives with her mother, so he convinces her to come to his place. He gets drunk and entices her to drink a little. He tries to seduce her in the mildest manner possible. She resists in the most devastating way imaginable, turning the evening into a nightmare for both of them. It is a boy meets girl love story unlike any other.

Da Parish

In 2005, St. Bernard Parish, a community on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Through the personal stories of four long-time residents, we witness their loss, healing and rebuilding, their resilience, and what it is that connects people to the place they call home.

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Lila French Interview for the Louisiana Film Channel.

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