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Keep an eye on these San Antonio filmmakers

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

For many local filmmakers, 2008 was a busy year. 2009 should be no different. 210SA caught up with some of the city’s creative people making movies in San Antonio to find out what to expect from them in the upcoming year. Here’s a look:

Chris Eska

The Gonzales-born filmmaker who won a 2008 Film Independent Spirit Award for his first feature film, “August Evening,” spent the last part of 2008 promoting the movie during its limited theatrical run.
He says San Antonio’s warm reception of the film, especially the sold-out shows during its opening weekend, helped the film get released in other cities, including Houston, Kansas City and Portland, Ore.
“August Evening,” which premiered here in September, came out on DVD on Jan. 13. Look for the film in Blockbuster Video and Wal-Mart stores later this month.
Eska is starting work on his next feature film, which he describes as a suspense thriller.

Kerry Valderrama

The San Antonio-based filmmaker who wrote his first feature film, “Garrison,” a military drama based on the 2002 killings at Fort Bragg, N.C., is getting ready to promote the film again.
The movie, which Valderrama screened at film festivals across the country and abroad in 2008, is set to make its DVD premiere in March, says Valderrama, who sold the film’s distribution rights to Peace Arch Home Entertainment, which has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.

“Garrison,” which gets its title from a military term for a body of troops, chronicles the hunt for an AWOL soldier and touches on post-traumatic stress disorder among soldiers.
The movie, shot in San Antonio in 2007 with a mostly local cast and crew, made its local premiere during the San Antonio Film Festival last summer. Look for “Garrison” in Blockbuster Video and Wal-Mart stores this spring.

Pablo Véliz

The filmmaker says he’s busy putting the final touches on his fifth film, “The Boys of Ghost Town,” which Véliz and his crew filmed in Houston and San Antonio last year.

The film, starring veteran movie tough guy Danny Trejo, is tentatively scheduled to make its local premiere this spring.

“I’m really excited about it. It’s a really special film,” says Véliz, who made the gritty crime drama through his San Antonio-based production company CineVéliz Inc.

“Boys” is scheduled for a DVD release this summer after a small theatrical run, Véliz says.
Look for trailers of the film and updates on its premiere at cineveliz.com.

Melissa Rentería | 210SA contributor

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