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HITTIN THE BRICKS: An Urban Erotic Tale by Noire

The Novel AND the Film!
Meet Eva Marie Patterson...

In a no-win situation, would you make a deal with the devil?

This here ain't no romance its an urban erotic tale... Little Eva's got a monkey and her body's up for sale. Daughter of the ghetto, abused by friend and foe, Eva's got a secret, it's gonna cost her don't you know?

A deal went down on Rikers, of that there is no doubt. Eva was the trade-off, someone special sold her out. Dreams of fame and big success, Little Eva has no wins. Fiyah does a bid for her, she's gonna suffer for her sins.

Lies, deceipt, and power reign supreme on ghetto streets, its an everyday struggle just to stay up on your feet. Schemes and fiends and playas cut deeper than a knife, the next man's thirst for glory, could cost Eva her life.

So this here ain't no romance we bout to stop and hit the bricks... Cause on the streets of Harlem, the good ones take the licks!

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Eva's Birthday Cake Photo Shoot

HAVE YOU EVER been betrayed by those you love? Violated and abused in the worst kind of way? And no matter how hard you tried to fight your way out of a trick bag, no matter how tall you tried to walk, did the cold streets of life lead you right back to your grimy destiny? Have you ever lived with fear? Crying out in the darkness as it charged through your veins and numbed your spirit in the middle of the night? Did you damn your own soul as you despised your fear, because deep inside you knew you adored it too? You there? You feel me? The boot of life been on your neck before? Suffocating you and holding you down? Well, if you've ever felt the pain of treachery, then walk with me for a minute. Let's hit one of the hottest nightclubs in all of Harlem. A cutthroat joint called Bricks. A place where dissin' a shot caller could get a bitch bodied real quick, and wicked fear reigned supreme. Let me go on and break it down for you. My name is Eva Marie Patterson. I fought my fear in a club called Bricks, and this is how my end began.

Eva Patterson and Ramel "Mello" Williams
Alexandra Merejo and Texas Battle

From the set of Hittin the Bricks

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Anonymous said...

Im reading Hittin da Bricks now. So far so good I would recommend this book it has a lot of unexpected twist and turns im looking forward to the end of the book and to the movie.****