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PUBLICIZING YOUR BOOK Suggestions for Success: Part 3

Continued from part two

Now that you have finished your book, and it is ready to be shopped around to publishers (or has already been bought by a publisher!) it’s time to think about what you can do to help promote your book.

Exploit the Internet!

The Internet is chockfull of opportunities to get attention to your new book—and you can do it from the comfort of your desk. But start at least six months before your book comes out. Contact websites like:
www.dearreader.com --“the Oprah of the Internet”
www.imdb.com (especially if you want to get film attention)
www.pennyterk.com – sign up for your own web page!

Here’s a service that’s very promising, FSB Associates:

Thank you for your inquiry to FSB Associates! Attached is a brochure of our services which outlines basic costs of our web publicity campaigns as well as ball park costs for our website development program. To summarize, our typical, and most popular campaign, runs for 2 months at a cost of $5,000. There is an additional cost of $250. for the shipment of 50 books to various reviewers. However, we provide a wide array of services at a variety of lengths ranging from $5,000 - $10,000. The difference in cost depends on the amount of time you wish your campaign to run.

All of our campaigns include book reviews, blog outreach, Podcasts, excerpt placements, content syndication, and forum postings with the possibility of interviews, features and online chats. You can read some additional information on placements in the brochure. Before moving forward, we would like to take a look at the title you wish for us to work on. Please send us a copy to the address in my signature. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Teach a class at the Learning Annex, AEI Client!

Does your nonfiction book have something educational to share? The Learning Annex is always looking for new teachers. This avenue is a great way to share your knowledge and contribute to the world. There are Learning Annex locations in many cities across the U.S., and their bi-monthly catalog (a good place for ads!) reaches 2 million people. But please note, only the serious need apply. If you are scheduled to teach a class and do not show up, that’s it. All ties with you and this association will be severed. This policy is strictly enforced.
What we need to make this happen:

(a) You study the most recent Learning Annex catalog (call us if you can’t find one on your own); and
(b) Construct a 1-page “catalog copy” proposal that can be forwarded to Learning Annex program directors. Note that the title of all successful classes is 90% of their success. It must be crystal clear, focused on what the student will get out of the course, and practical.

Go after Corporations!

Corporations have deep pockets, and it’s easier to make sales to them than you might imagine! They’re always looking for ways of endorsing or sponsoring worthy messages—and multiple copies of an innovative new book often fill that bill. AEI’s sister company, Originaliti, Inc., specializes in “Brand Media” endorsements and will automatically get involved in seeking corporate opportunities for your book if your book lends itself to this direction.
But nothing can take the place of your own associations, ideas, and efforts in this regard. One recent client got a major corporation to advance-order 25,000 copies of his book—which led to a much more favorable publishing deal than we might otherwise have made for him.

Keep Us in the Loop!

Please make sure that you, and your publicist, copy us on all email and news about your book (kja@aeionline.com and bl@aeionline.com). We will, for starters, post the latest developments on our sites, and link our sites to yours—but we will also look for synergies that can advance the cause of sales.

Other Suggestions!
  • Writers’ Conferences—Get yourself invited, and they will automatically order your book to sell at the conference bookstore.
  • Place products in your book and make a deal with the company that makes them to cross-promote your book (see attached story, “Product Placement Deals Make Leap from Film to Books”). See How Stuff Works for great detail.
  • Make personalized postage using your book cover, and ask all your friends to use them as stamps (available at stamps.com among other places on the Internet).
  • Make decals for your car—and all your friends’ cars--of your book jacket. Available at McKeown Signs (via The Writer’s Lifeline).
  • Put ads on buses and subways in cities where you think your book has its most likely audience.
  • Buy billboard space.
  • Print up fancy bookmarks and send 50 to every bookstore you can get the address for.
Outside the Box!

Greenleaf book group is a consulting firm and distributor for small and independent publishers. They distribute books to bookstores and libraries nationwide through wholesalers, online, direct to retailers, and direct to consumers. They help authors and publishers produce, distribute, and market top-quality products-while making the publishing venture profitable and enjoyable. With their knowledge, contacts and experience, they level the playing field and make it possible for small and independent presses to compete with the larger, more established publishing houses. One of their innovative ideas is an animation spam for your book, that they will send out to email lists. Ask AEI for a referral to them!

Online Promotion

Free Publicity Sites

BookCatcher.com is a website offering free book publicity for book writers and book publishers.

Discussion forum: This is a forum- good place to post re: WL etc.

The Open Press, Inc. is not just another free press release portal. We have done our homework and market research and have spoken with journalists and industry professionals to get their feedback. We exact industry standards for press releases and we will NOT allow unprofessional press releases to be submitted through our services. All free press releases must comply with our press release guidelines.

PR LEAP is a free press release distribution service to major search engines, web sites and newswires, since 2003.

PR.com press-releases is a revolutionary Free Press Release Distribution Service where each business also has a full company profile to promote everything about its business. Submit news and press releases via our global online news and press release distribution service with powerful distribution points such as NBCi News, AskJeeves News, Lycos News, Excite News, Topix News, MSN News,

24-7 PressRelease.com is a free press release distribution service with the small to medium size Company in mind. 24-7 PressRelease.com has recognized the need for affordable press release distribution. That is why 24-7PressRelease.com offers a free news release submission service, with the option to contribute funds for higher recognition and placement. 24-7 Press Release Newswire is a leading provider of both paid and free press release distribution services.

Publicity Sites with Fees (fees quoted here may have changed)

EzineTrendz Services. We are an established business with expertise in Ezine Publication, specializing in Business Article Submission Service. This service is World Renowned and the Leading Source for Article Submission of Business and Marketing related Articles. We are a professional service that provides you with a broad spectrum of needs that is required of any business operating online.

Per Article: $50
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Twice a Month Submission:
$30 per article
One article every other week will be submitted as per the service agreement. You will be billed once a month for this service at a per article rate of $30, which concludes to a $60 monthly billing cycle.

Once a Week Submission:
$20 per article
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Internet News Bureau (INB) is a conduit for the distribution of press releases and is not a news wire service.
  • $275 for Primary Press Release Distribution (for the 1st media list, all additional media lists are $80 each--fees may have changed)
  • Your Press Release is emailed to journalists as early as the next Business Day.
  • Releases are distributed by Internet News Bureau (a Jupitermedia Corporation site)
  • We post your Press Release to the INB website for additional exposure
  • In addition to Journalists, your Press Release is included in the Internet News Bureau Newsletter which reaches 6,000+ business professionals
  • Additional Benefits
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To be continued.

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