"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


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Lew Hunter's Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony 2008

Dates: June 14-27

You’re brimming with ideas and your fingers are itching to hit the keyboard. You desire – you have to – string your vision into a tangible, cohesive whole. It’s time to write that screenplay.

But where to start? Do you begin with characters or plot? Or you have a beginning but lose sight of your story in the middle and need some help with structure. Or you have the story, but don’t know how it ends. Or you have the whole shebang in your head, but haven’t written it yet!

Boy, some guidance would sure be swell.

Lew Hunter’s Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony, this coming June 14-27, immerses you into that nurturing, fulltime screenwriting experience you desire.

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The Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony is designed to provide you with a productive, cocoon environment for your writing where you will be encouraged to progress from story idea, to treatment, to step-outline and finally to complete the First Act of the Screenplay (30 pages).

Ten advanced/pro writers will be in one section, and another ten rookies/"getting their toe into the water" writers will comprise the other section. UCLA Professors Valerie, Stephanie, Brenda or Dr. David will be professing along with Lew.

Lew will facilitate the best writing by creating an atmosphere of constructive feedback for all participants.

The Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony fills rapidly and it is strongly suggested that you submit an application at your earliest opportunity to ensure acceptance and availability.

All skill levels of writing experience are encouraged to apply and to participate. We can easily accommodate the most basic beginner to the most experienced professional. All writers will be respected, honored and supported through the writing process.

This is the complete immersion writing experience that will take your screenwriting and dreams to the next level. Don't put either on hold any longer. Enroll today.

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