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Tanya Wexler, USA/United Kingdom World Premiere
A romantic comedy based on the surprising truth of how Mortimer Granville came up with the world's first electro-mechanical vibrator in the name of medical science. Academy Award®-nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy headline in this untold tale of a young Victorian doctor's quest to figure out the key to women's happiness. Also starring Jonathan Pryce, Rupert Everett and Felicity Jones.

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Latest Movie Trailers: Hysteria
August 19, 2011
Snap Judgment: “Hysteria” Trailer Brings Sophistication and Class to the Vibrator
August 19, 2011
Please don’t let the title of this post fool you. The vibrator IS classy and sophisticated — but the new trailer for Hysteria makes the popular sex toy even classier. Like a whore in a corset doing the waltz.
The movie gives us the history of the invention of the vibrator and proves that adding Hugh Dancy, fancy little hats, and Maggie Gyllenhaal doing a community theater-worthy English accent gives any movie a jolt of class.
Here’s the new moan-worthy trailer complete with feather duster gun:
Maggie Gyllenhaal Discovers A Vibrator In “Hysteria”
By Jessica Wakeman
August 18, 2011
The time before the invention of the vibrator is a dark period of world history which I prefer not to think about. But imagine, ladies, if you will, a period when all of a woman’s problems were attributed to “hysteria,” a vague pathological affliction which doctors found could best be cured by applying pressure to a woman’s most delicate regions. A suffering woman could be relieved of her hysteria by hand, of course, but the world needed a device to get the job done more quickly.
“Hysteria” premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and stars Hugh Dancy as a young doctor in Victorian England and Maggie Gyllenhaal as his boss’s daughter, who knows at the root of all these hysterics is a need for pleasure. God bless electricity, that’s all I have to say. [YouTube]
A pleasurable pick
August 18, 2011
A Victorian-era romantic movie about the invention of the vibrator is among the latest additions to the crowded line-up at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.
Hysteria stars Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce as London doctors treating cases of hysteria, a condition said to be characterised by a woman's irritability, anger or tears.
Dancy's character experiments with a new electrical device — a "vulvar stimulator" — for treatment.
Also added to the Toronto program is Winnie, the biopic of South Africa's Winnie Mandela starring Jennifer Hudson; Trespass, a Joel Schumacher thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage; and the French film Beloved, starring Catherine Deneuve.
Oscar-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher (Precious) has his directorial debut, Violet & Daisy, featuring Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) and James Gandolfini. The festival, which runs from September 8-18, closes with Page Eight, a spy movie.
Today's must-see viral videos
Watch: Seven minutes in heaven with Hoda, the true meaning of crossword puzzles, and a dog walking itself Video
By Drew Grant
August 18, 2011
1. Dog walks itself:
I think there's a lot to be said for this video, and I might not be the person to say it. It's so simple, yet so profoundly sad. Why is this dog walking itself, you may ask. Where did its master go? Where is the dog planning to go next? And is it just a sad statement on our society that some kids taping this poor ole' guy on the boardwalk think it's "awesome" that this dog is forlornly carrying its own leash in its mouth?
2. Anderson Cooper loves that Gerard Depardieu urination story:
Look, we all think it's hysterical that French actor Gerard Depardieu loves to pee on people on airplanes. But Anderson Cooper really just can't hold it together on live TV when talking about the incident. Maybe he needs to go back to journalism school.
3. The history of the vibrator, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal:
I've always been fascinated that vibrators were created by doctors to cure women of erratic behavior because doctors' hands were getting too tired. Of course, putting attractive people in the cast of this new film about the subject (aptly titled "Hysteria") is kind of a stretch: Even in olden times it was a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Hugh Dancy in possession of a good vibrator must service half the women in England.
4. A four letter word for "innuendo during crosswords":
As it turns out, whenever people ask for help in crossword puzzles in TV or movies, what they are really asking is for social acceptance ... and love.
5. "7 Minutes in Heaven" with Hoda:
If you haven't been checking out Mike O'Brien's "7 Minutes in Heaven" series, they are pretty genius. It's not "Between Two Ferns" or anything, and Mike here seems way more like Kenneth from "30 Rock" than a mean-spirited interviewer trying to "punk" celebrities, but he's very good at being funny anyway! I think it's his natural instinct to let these performers do whatever the hell they want during the segment, which in Hoda Kotb's case is definitely drinking red wine and talking crap about Kathie Lee.
Trailer for Victorian vibrator rom-com 'Hysteria.' Yes you heard right!
By Anthony Pearson
August 17, 2011
The comedy focuses on the events leading up to the invention of the vibrator in Victorian-era England. We have added the first trailer for Victorian romantic comedy "Hysteria." The film, based on actual events, is about the invention of the invention of the women's vibrator.
"Hysteria" stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Rupert Everett, Felicity Jones, Jonathan Pryce, Anna Chancellor, Gemma Jones, Tobias Menzies, Sheridan Smith, Kate Linder, David Ryall, Dominic Borrelli, Georgie Glen, Malcolm Rennie and Jonathan Rhodes.
First trailer for upcoming comedy Hysteria
By Simon Brew
August 17, 2011
Making its debut at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, Hysteria is a film that, bluntly, covers the invention of the vibrator.
It’s clearly having a lot of fun with the concept too, and is taking a tone that doesn’t look a million miles away from Alan Parker’s underrated The Road To Wellville (anyone else remember that?)
The cast includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce and Rupert Everett. And the first trailer for the film can be found below…
Oh My … Trailer For Hysteria, With Maggie Gyllenhaal And … Certain Devices
By Hannah Shaw-Williams
August 17, 2011
“We are not going to take a dangerous electrical device and press it against a lady’s most gentle areas!”
And with that, I bring you the trailer for Tanya Wexler‘s new romantic comedy Hysteria, with leading lady Maggie Gyllenhaal being wooed in a somewhat unusual way by leading man Hugh Dancy. The film is about … well, just watch the trailer and you’ll soon figure it out. Let’s call it an exploration of the technological and medical advances made during the Victorian era (and trust me when I say that this is a trailer that you should watch right up the last second).
In all seriousness, though, this film looks like a joyfully dirty-minded comedy made more hilarious by the repressed sexuality of the British stiff upper lip. It also stars Rupert Everett and Jonathan Pryce, and if Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance in Secretary is anything to go by then I’ve no doubt she gives it her all in Hysteria as well.
Trailer for Vibrator Comedy ‘Hysteria’ Featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal
August 16, 2011
This looks super raucous. Several years ago I read a book that included this subject matter and I was floored. I want to check it out:
As you can tell from the trailer, Hugh Dancy is actually the movie’s main character, a young, perfectly attractive young man who has the misfortune to live in Victorian England, when the female orgasm was considered a medical procedure. Lucky for him he’s also crossing paths with Gyllenhaal’s character, who seems a lot saucier and more confident than her contemporaries. I wonder if the entire movie will be as coy about mentioning words like “vibrator” and “orgasm” as the trailer is, or if they’re just being cute to play off the Victorian setting and fluffy tone of the trailer.
HYSTERIA Movie Trailer
By Allan Ford
August 17, 2011
Check out the first trailer for Tanya Wexlers‘ Hysteria, cheeky romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy Victorian London is brought to life in vivid colour as a young doctor (Dancy) struggles to establish himself while confronting the gutsy daughter of his boss (Gyllenhaal). Rupert Everett and Felicity Jones play supporting roles.
Hysteria Trailer: Hugh Dancy Invents the Vibrator
By Becky Kirsch
August 16, 2011
Yup, you read that title correctly. In Hysteria, Hugh Dancy plays a Victorian-era doctor who is up to his elbows (um, kind of literally) trying to cure women of "hysteria," which, in this case, seems to be a fancy way of saying aroused and/or sexually frustrated. To make the relief process easier, he and his partner (Rupert Everett) invent the first vibrator with the help of some electricity and a feather duster. Maggie Gyllenhaal also pops up as a sassy love interest.
The trailer looks a little silly, but the fact that it's inspired by true events has me intrigued. Plus, it's hard not to giggle in spite of yourself at loaded one-liners like "Imagine if everyone had one!" To see the trailer, just read more.