"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

AEI Client Noire's BETRAYAL: The 2nd Deadly Sin is now available in Nook and Kindle e-book formats AND in paperback!

Betrayal: The 2nd Deadly Sin
This here ain't no romance
It's an urban erotic tale
A hater's on the loose
And the situation's frail
From out of town
They gunned them down
The lovers took a fall
A gwap is on the line and G's homeboyz want it all!
So if the script gets flipped, down-side-up
And you can't tell foe from friend
Watch your back and trust no man
'Cause BETRAYAL is this Sin!
BETRAYAL: The 2nd Deadly Sin is now available in Nook and Kindle e-book formats AND in paperback!
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G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins
Juicy-Mo's dreams have all been shattered!
Drama and danger continue to follow Juicy and Gino! On what should have been the happiest day of their lives, the beautiful young lovers who fled the streets of New York City are once again marked for MURDER!
With Ace, Pluto, and Money-Makin' Monique determined to get their hands on G's stash of doe, will Gino and Juicy realize their dreams of marriage and a lifetime of happiness? Or will the wrath of the streets sneak up on them to collect the debt they owe?
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BETRAYAL: The 2nd Deadly Sin
The Urban Erotic Serial Saga Continues!
G-Spot 2 is a sexy street novel told in 7 parts. Each installment of the MASS MARKET series is woven through an urban principle of the Seven Deadly Sins, with one part released each month.
G-Spot 2 is primarily an e-book publication, however, there will be a Limited Edition print release for those who love holding a book in their hands. Print books can be pre-ordered and reserved at www.noirestore.com WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
Readers who pre-order the complete series in print will receive a 10% discount off the cover price WHILE LIMITED SUPPLIES LAST. Once ordered, books will be automatically shipped to you each month as they are released.
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