"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

EHuman Dawn by Nicole Sallak Anderson Reviewed by Tome Tender

Cue the music, “In the Year 2525…” and strap in for a trip to future Earth, the year, 2242 where mankind has conquered the ills and frailty of humanity by virtually wiping out what makes us human. The World Government has created a way to take the essense of the human mind and implant it into a virtually indestructible android body. Get tired of that one? Get a new body, the catch? All memories of your existence, all of your personal memories are erased and poof, you are another eHuman. But is this true freedom of choice? Is there more to the government’s involvement than meets the eye? Is there any true privacy?

Adam Winter, an investigative reporter, has never changed his body in over 200 years, and he questions the truths the people are told. Is it possible that the rumors of a resistance living outside the “safety” of the cities actually exist? Is it true the government plans to cut off the power of the life-sustaining Neuro system the population relies on daily? Have big business and big government gone in league with each other to betray ehumanity? Will the eHuman, Dawn show Adam the path to the truth? Was it fate or Destiny that will bring these two together in such dire times?

eHuman Dawn by Nicole Sallak Anderson is a startling look at a future that is as bleak as any time known to mankind. As she builds her dystopian world, the façade of peace and prosperity hide the ugly underbelly of a government gone wrong. Her world is painted with bold words, brilliant imagination and creates a thought-proving look at a “what if” future. Her characters come to life with their thoughts, their questions, their agendas and that never-ending fight of good vs evil as she allows her story to unfold at a steady pace. I was fascinated by the plot, the concept and the characters, not to mention the action that ramped up the pace to warp speed.

Are you a Sci-fi lover? Do you like intrigue or mystery or even the thought of the strength of a few who want to better things for the masses? There is a lot to think about in eHuman Dawn PLUS great reading!



The Great Shift is coming.... are you ready to jump?

Fast forward to the year 2242--a world in which death, disease, war and famine have been conquered, and where everything, including humans, are devices on Neuro, a complex network operating system that is controlled via human thought. Adam Winter has lived for nearly two hundred years in an eHuman body--a man of metal, fiber optics and plastic, on a world where no one dies and no one is born. Paradise on earth--until Adam discovers that the World Government is cutting power to entire cities, and his own city is on the list!

Trapped in a body that must recharge on the network, Adam is swept up into the underworld of an eHuman anti World Government resistance, led by Dawn, the very first eHuman created. While the Resistance wages war against those in power, Dawn reveals to Adam a shocking secret about their past that not only bonds them together, but is also the Resistance’s ticket to gaining control over Neuro and taking down the World Government once and for all. Caught between the past and the future, Adam must rise up, claim his inheritance, and face his destiny-- before eHumanity is powered down, forever. 

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