"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Story Merchant Books June Amazon eBook Deals

FREE  June 1 - June 5

The Fat Death by Michael Avallone (Ed Noon Mystery)

Ed Noon finds that high fashion and murder mixed with low-down sex can be murder a la mod.

“Beware the Fat Death” reads the thousands of leaflets fluttering down from the sky over Manhattan. A thin man, giant freak, who calls himself the Slim Savior, has begun a huge campaign because he has some idea about making America diet conscious, but nothing that innocent is the byplay that ensues from his doctrine.


FREE June 5 - June 9

Fossil River by Jock Miller

This pedal-to-the-metal speculative thriller revolves around the discovery of a highly territorial colony of predatory dinosaurs in Alaska that has survived undetected for millions of years. ~ Kirkus Review


 FREE June 6 -June 10

Homer's Iliad: The Shield of Memory
by Kenneth Atchity​

This book presents a refreshingly original interpretation of Homer's Iliad, inviting today's reader to rediscover the beauty, intelligence, and power of Western civilization's greatest epic poem.

"I know of no other book as good."--John Gardner


FREE June 8 - June 12!

Tony Molina's South Texas Drag

Take a trip through the South Texas terrain through the eyes of drug runner.

Toño Garcia. His distinctive South Texas slang adds a unique charm to this dark story, but the appeal and originality doesn’t stop there. This guy knows more about style than Carrie Bradshaw, which adds massive flavor and a whole new twist to a tale about “crime as a way of life” in South Texas.


FREE June 15 – June 19
 Yes, Mr. DeMille by Phil A. Koury

At the right hand of a Hollywood God.

Phil Koury was Cecil B. DeMille's attorney, and stood close as DeMille made some of the most successful movies of his time. This is a first-hand account of the ups and downs of one of our most controversial Hollywood legends. Not to be missed if you love learning about the mechanics and foibles of the film business.

FREE June 22 - June 26
Project Nephili by T.L. Farmer

Combines elements of the creation mythologies of ancient cultures into a thriller that takes you from a secret hidden in the dust of a late Stone Age dig to the slave trade of West Africa, to current day Georgia.

FREE June 29 - July 2

Milton E. Lyles' The Cruelest Lie

The story centers around the deaths of three young men and the small town corruption and avarice that threatens to destroy an innocent boy setting in motion a deadly struggle between integrity and iniquity, truth and deceit.



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