"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

Introducing Sandra Beckwith's “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips”

Sanda-Beckwith-200x300-roundEvery day, a short and to-the-point tip from one of the many book marketing categories covered in this amazing resource will arrive in your inbox. Always actionable, each pithy tip will give you something specific you can do every day to support your book.

What’s more, almost half of the tips include links to more information online so you get even more valuable instruction!

Here’s what you get in “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips” for your investment of less than a dollar:
  • One book marketing tip delivered via email every day for 365 consecutive days (many with links to more detailed information online!) starting immediately.
  • Tested, proven, book marketing advice in 15 topic categories, from Amazon sales to reviews to social media to speaking.
  • Access to years and years of book marketing experience – in your inbox every day.
Each tip is no more than two sentences – just the quick nudge you need to act on something specific that day (or to remind you that you need to do something every day to promote your book).

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll get in your email every day for a year. These are actual tips from the daily series:
  1. Re-evaluate the categories your book is listed in on Amazon periodically because they change. You might need or want to change one of yours. https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A200PDGPEIQX41
  2. When sharing a link to your blog posts, use the specific post link, not a generic blog page link. You want domainname.com/blog-post-title, not domainname.com/blog.
  3. Want a book club to read your book? Get it into libraries. Many club members are borrowers, so library borrowing is often a prerequisite for a club selection.
  4. When you find a website that reaches the same audience as yours, check the links on blog rolls, resources pages, etc., for more websites like it. Connect with the owners and comment on their blogs so you start building your network.
  5. When you are offering your book for free or for a sale price, check out the list of 100 websites that will let you list and promote your book. http://bit.ly/1LVh5VI
  6. Discover what other books were purchased by people who bought your book with the cool Yasiv tool. http://www.yasiv.com/ 
Here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of what you’ll receive every day:

•    Remember that these are tips, not articles. It’s more like smartphone app content than blog content.
•    If you like a tip that doesn’t include a link to more information online, use Google to find the specifics you want.
•    Not every tip will apply to your situation and your book. You might look at three in a row and think, “Nah . . . .” That’s to be expected – and will actually make it easier for you! Be open-minded about what might work for you, but be realistic, too.
•    Consider setting up a “daily book marketing tips” folder in your email software, then creating a “rule” (Outlook) or “label” (Gmail) so that each tip automatically gets moved to the folder when it arrives in your inbox.
•    Create your own tips resource by setting up a master “daily book marketing tips” document in Word or Excel, then copying and pasting each tip into the file every day. Just doing something that simple with a tip will help you remember it and encourage you to take action on it.
•    Block out time on your calendar every day or once a week to act on the tips that you like. If you protect the time on your calendar, you’ll make sure you have the time to take action.

Sandra offers three simple, affordable, no-brainer options that will impact your book marketing success:
  • 99 cents for the daily book marketing tips delivered by email every day for 365 days starting immediately
  • $9 for the PDF download with all 365 daily tips, all of the tips listed again by category, and 10 bonus tips — downloadable immediately
  • $9.99 for both the daily reminders (you know you need them!) and the instant PDF download (most popular option)

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