"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

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There Was a Boy, There Was a Girl by Ben and Nancy Freedman 
FREE April 24 – 28!

This is the story of David Freedman, dubbed the "Czar of Radio,"who wrote and directed the top comedy shows aired in the thirties and one in one astonishing year, he also had three successful shows running on Broadway.

It is also a love story. Beatrice, child of Russian immigrants determined to get an education and become a musician, she managed to be admitted to Columbia University, paying her way by washing dishes in the student cafeteria. One day, racing to work down the university steps, she knocked down a young man with his nose in a book. This was the start of a roller-coaster life of major lows and greater heights of achievement.


Rainbows for Hana by Kenneth Atchity  
FREE April 25 - 29!

When our beloved tabby flew out the window to her death, our devastation was transformed by a mysterious series of events that seemed to us like miracles.


Doing Less and Having More (Million Dreams Book 3)  by Marcia Wieder 
FREE April 26 – 30!

Five Easy Steps for Achieving Your Dreams!

Reconnect to your true goals, focus on the important things in your life, dispose of unfinished business, and feel more composed, confident and competent.



Jerry Amernic's QUMRAN FREE April 27 – May 1!

David Marr, archeologist and world authority on the Romans, has spent his life studying the Holy Land with all its violence and unrest going back to the time of the scriptures. While teaching in Jerusalem, he makes the most dramatic discovery of his life just off the shore of the Dead Sea near the site of the ancient monastic settlement at Qumran. It is something that could have huge repercussions with the potential to turn the world on its side bringing him to the forefront of the maelstrom that develops whenever science confronts religion.

Kill Her—You’ll Like it! An Ed Noon Mystery By Michael Avallone  
FREE April 28 – May 2!

The killer called himself the Gingerbread Man and his specialty was slicing strippers. He was working his way through the who's who of flesh peddlers like a hungry moth eating its way through a new suit... until it came to Ada Ven's turn.

She was the country's top peeler and she wanted to be protected... by someone with a sympathetic heart and a big reputation--Ed Noon.


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