"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser


Alpha Female

Annie Peacock is the strong willed young judge who heads up Yellowstone National Park's judicial system, and Will McCarroll is a longtime backcountry ranger who's obsessed with stopping poachers. Will's willingness to break every rule in the book has earned him a formidable reputation. It's also earned him Annie's disdain.

When Annie's mother is kidnapped by someone wanting to scare her off the bench, Will helps her search, and a common respect, understanding, and attraction develops between these two former enemies.

But when Will learns of a plan for trophy hunters to shoot the park's cherished "alpha female" wolf, Number 22, he disappears into the back country to stop them. Number 22 is on the move to find a new mate, after the killing of her pack leader, Number 21. The price on her head grows into the high five-figures, and her safety rests with Will finding the poachers before they find her. As Will tracks Number 22 into the wilds of Yellowstone, he discovers the true extent of the danger-and that there is far more at risk than the life of the alpha female.

About the Author

April Christofferson is an author, speaker and advocate for wildlife, wilderness and social justice.

Though she grew up in Chicago, the West is rooted in April's genes. She attributes her love of animals, nature and the West to time spent as a child visiting Yellowstone National Park and her grandfather's Wyoming ranch. Floyd "Doc" Carroll, beloved Wyoming state veterinarian and cowboy, was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame, as one of this country's "Great Westerners."

At age 40 she wrote her first book, After the Dance, followed by three novels - The Protocol, Clinical Trial, and Patent to Kill - all medical thrillers favorably compared by reviewers to the work of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook.

For her next book, Buffalo Medicine, April turned the spotlight on a highly volatile Western controversy: the politically motivated and senseless slaughter of bison that wander outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

April regularly writes natural history pieces for Yellowstone Discovery, the Yellowstone Association's quarterly publication. In addition to using her writing as a vehicle for education and advocacy, April devotes much of her time to researching and speaking out on wildlife issues and working hands-on with nonprofits tackling the issues that most concern her.

Of the many hats April wears to pursue her passions, she is also a contract attorney and technical writer with the University of Montana in Continuing Education where she supports Montana's Tobacco Use Prevention Program. She's an advocate for a smokefree Montana and her work gives her the opportunity to speak out in support of Montana's clean indoor air law.


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Heather said...

I did a lot of flying last week and found this in nearly every airport I had a layover in! Of course I had to pick it up. Great read, it made the flight(s) seem short.