"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

AEI Client Barbara Berg Launches Ring Shui On August 3, 2009 in Venice

Ring Shu iTM
Move your rings CHANGE Your LifeTM

Book Signing/Workshop

August 3, 2009

Join me for a book signing/workshop of my latest book:

Ring ShuiTM

Move your rings CHANGE your lifeTM

While this workshop is focused on women, men will gain insights in what to look for in someone to love.

Men and women--don’t go on another date until you attend this workshop!

You’ll want to know what energy you are putting out and bringing in!

  • If you are wearing rings on your middle finger, thumb, pinkie, or no rings at all, and you are frustrated with relationships and issues, this workshop is for you!
  • If you are wearing rings on your “ring finger(s)” and you want to jazz up your life and get more support, you’ll go home feeling EMPOWERED after this workshop.
  • For those of you wearing rings on your index fingers right now, see how YOU are already on track and right on time!

Bring your girlfriends and those you love. They’ll be glad you did.

When: Saturday, August 8

Time: 2-4 p.m.

Where: 1319 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice Ca.

Telephone: 310-399-7070

Sales of books at $14.95 plus tax and book signing will also be available. You’ll want to get one for yourself and your friends, too. Be the first on your block to bring Ring Shui into your life and the lives of others.

With honor and regard for the laws of attraction and Ring Shui’s focus on the art of giving and receiving, the author will gratefully provide a ring for each of the participants.

For more information visit the bookstore website here!

To purchase a book or to contact me visit my website here!

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