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Book Review Alpha Female

A Story About the Threat of Poaching and Drilling in National Parks

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Jun 26, 2009
Alpha Female, April Christofferson
Alpha Female is a clever ecothriller with an intriguing plot centered around the controversial issues of trophy hunting and drilling in national parks.

Christofferson has a strong passion for writing about environmental issues. Yellowstone National Park is near and dear to her heart. The author feels a strong commitment towards protecting wolves from poaching - a very controversial topic in the West.

Alpha Female a Clever Ecothriller

Alpha Female, released on June 30, 2009 (Macmillan, ISBN: 978-0-7653-4420-5), is a clever ecothriller with an intriguing plot centered around the controversial issues of trophy hunting and drilling in or near national parks. Christofferson takes readers through an emotional and suspenseful journey of the leading characters, Annie Peacock, a beautiful young judge and Will McCarroll, a backcountry ranger, who form an unexpected bond trying to solve the mysterious kidnapping of Annie’s mother. This takes them on a journey that proves to uncover even greater issues than both could have imagined.

In vivid language and a smart narrative the author addresses a problematic subject that touches the readers heart and evokes frustrating at the same time. The story does not disappoint by including romance, suspense and raw emotions around issues the author so deeply cares about.

The story is set against the beautiful scenery of Yellowstone Park acting as the silent main character in this multi-layered thriller. It is a story about nature and humanity, about good vs. evil and the struggles of survival within it. There is a strong connection between Annie and the alpha female wolf in the book, referred to as number 22. Annie and number 22 share a common fear both are of living on edge and are in survival mode. The reader can not help but connect with them empathizing with their journey and struggles of survival.

Christofferson has an innate ability to take the reader through detailed images of events and characters leaving the reader breathless turning each page in anticipation and suspense. This book inspires the reader to develop a reverence for Yellowstone Park and its inhabitants. With each chapter, the reader can not help but care about the characters and their struggles sharing the author’s passion and desire to become an advocate for wildlife and make a difference in national parks.

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