"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."
—Muriel Rukeyser

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FREE October 12 - October 16 

Upon This World of Stone, The Paladin Trilogy Book 2 by James A Hillebrecht 

THE PALADIN TRILOGY:Three Novels of Heroism Darius Inglorion, a holy warrior known as a Paladin, is summoned to rally the divided states of the Southlands to fight a terrible invader while overcoming treachery and accusations of heresy.

FREE October 16 - October 20 

Death Dives Deep by Michael Avallone
An Ed Noon Mystery 

Is there a genuine Bermuda Triangle Menace? Sexy sirens, submarine suspense, and a sinister plot to torpedo America. A red-hot assignment tossed in the lap of the President’s top-secret man, detective Ed Noon.

FREE October 20 - October 25!  

Warren Woodruff​'s 
Dr. Fuddle and the Gold Baton

“Music begins where language ends."

A unique children's fantasy about the beauty and power of music.

Tyler and his sister Christina face a bone chilling mystery. Only Dr. Fuddle offers them help--and a dangerous challenge. They must leave earth and enter Orphea, and save it from the evil Jedernann’s rule of chaos and cacophony.

Can they and their friends survive the journey and reclaim the legendary gold baton that will restore harmony to the earth?

FREE October 25 - 29!

Thomas J. Mitchell 's 
Light & Shadow

LIGHT & SHADOW is a heart-warming, rib-tickling, and inspirational collection of poetry. No one can read these pages of versified profundity without being the wiser for it.

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