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Renegade lands cable projects Discovery orders 'Assailant,' 'Kennedy Detail'

Renegade 83, the shingle behind Discovery's "Man, Woman, Wild," has landed two more projects at the cabler.

Company, which produced the popular syndie series "Blind Date," is also back in the dating space, developing the strip show "Excused" with CBS TV Distribution.

At Discovery, Renegade has landed an eight-episode order of "The Assailant" (working title), which principal David Garfinkle described as what would happen "if Jason Bourne were to do a competition reality show."

Episodes will feature four contestants from the military and police worlds, all of whom battle to become the "perfect human weapon."

"We find bad-ass, special ops guys, and put them through mental and physical challenges," Garfinkle said of the show, which will shoot in Southern California starting in January.

Also at Discovery, "The Kennedy Detail" is a two-hour documentary set to air Nov. 22 -- the 47th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination.

Based on the Gerald Blaine book of the same name, the special reunites the five members of JFK's Secret Service detail from that day.

"They had all these reunions, but they never talked about that day in Dallas," said Renegade partner Jay Renfroe. "They kept their mouth shut. But we took them down to Dallas and Dealey Plaza for the day."

For the record, Renfroe said the five men believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Discovery has additionally given Renegade a second season order of "Man, Woman, Wild," which debuted in July. Show follows an Army vet and his journo wife as they attempt to survive in inhospitable climates.

"We've developed this great relationship with Discovery," Garfinkle said.

At CBS TV Distribution, "Excused," hosted by "Last Comic Standing" winner Iliza Shlesinger, was pitched as "'Blind Date' meets the 'Bachelor.'" Show will include dating and competition elements.

"It's already shot, and we're out selling it now," Garfinkle said.

Renegade is also in its second season with "Smash Cuts," a syndie series it produces for CBS TV Distribution.

Renegade additionally is producing the series "Wildlife Rescue" for the international marketplace, and has projects set up at Lifetime, G4, Style, Bravo and Sundance.

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